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Who Are Good Girls Gone Boss?

Hey friend! So glad that you're here at Good Girls Gone Boss! This is a community of unapologetically, ambitious bosses who are looking to design, plan, and execute their dream life. At Good Girls Gone Boss we're committed to helping you build the life that YOU desire through entrepreneurship, personal development, and financial literacy. The ultimate goal is to live the lifestyle that you DESIRE and DESERVE. Within the good girls gone boss society we build the businesses of our dreams while having fun, meeting like-minded individuals, and making life-long friendships. Whether you’re thinking about starting a business, you're working on a side hustle, you're at the beginning stages of your business, or you’re already a business owner looking for more help and support to scale – you're in the right place and we've got you covered!

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It's good to protect your goals but it's even better to be around people who don't make you feel like you have to defend them.

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Goal setting and planning workshops to help you to stay  motivated and on track throughout the month.


Workshops on business essentials, growing your business, personal finances, mindset shifts, using the internet to make money, and more


Be apart of an inviting, supportive, ambitious sisterhood filled with positivity, motivation, and accountability partners. 

Meet The Founder

Hey friend! I'm Lyn Allure. When I started on my entrepreneurial path about 7 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing and I definitely didn't have any people around me who were interested in the same thing. I was in college full time, balancing work full-time and trying to juggle side hustles simultaneously.

Since then, I've:

  • Graduated from University with a Bachelors of Business Administration with an area of Emphasis in Finance.
  • Pursued a full-time career in Accounting and Finance.
  • Successfully made the transition from a 9-5 career as a Project Accountant to being my own boss full-time after growing a 7-figure online empire.
  • Started the Good Girls Gone Boss Society to help others unlock that same freedom!
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